Centre for the Balkan Biodiversity Conservation (CBBC), lies within the Department of Biology and Ecology. Its aims are to improve the knowledge and conservation of Balkan natural heritage. CBBC recognizes causes, direction and degree of changes in ecosystems and plans actions that would alleviate or stop possible negative trends. Multidisciplinary research is focused on taxonomic analyses of autochthonous flora and fauna on the Balkan Peninsula, monitoring of biodiversity (especially in protected areas) by detection of endemic, relict, rare and endangered species, recognizing the genetic diversity and possible changes, as well as the environmental state of protected areas.


CBBC goals:

  1. Conservation of the Balkan Peninsula biodiversity based on results of scientific exploration.
  2. Investigation of global changes and the Balkans ecosystems.
  3. Establishing efficient plants and invertebrates species as bio-indicators.
  4. Study of invertebrates-plants relationships.
  5. Practical conservation in the Balkan hotspots areas.
  6. Promotion of sustainable development as way to protect biodiversity.
  7. Education and training in conservation biology matters.
  8. Cooperation with other Institutions and NGO in conservation and nature protection.

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