Laboratory for Palinology

Laboratory for palynology, Faculty of sciences (University of Novi Sad, Serbia), has been studying pollen since 1989 in the frame of entomopalynologycal research of howerflies (Diptera: Syrphidae).

Laboratory has international certificates for conducting research in aerobiology as well as recommendation of the EAN (European Aeroallergen Network) for monitoring of airborne allergens. On 17th March 1999, Laboratory for palynology started aerobiological research, which includes monitoring of airborne pollen and airborne fungal spores. Today Laboratory for palynology conducts rutine airborne pollen monitoring in six Serbian towns. In the frame of aerobiological research, Laboratory for palynology actively participated implementation of numerous scientific projects.

In the frame of aerobiological research Laboratory for palynology analyzes characteristics of house dust mites (Pyroglyphydae – especially genus Dermatophagoides) populations.

Since 2002, Laboratory for palynology conducts melissopalynologycal research, which includes quantitative and qualitative analysis of pollen suspended in honey in the frame of projects that determine quality and geographical origin of this product.


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