Two publications related with genus Merodon were released!

During July two scientific papers were published:

Vujić, Ante, Snežana Radenković, and Laura Likov. “Revision of the Palaearctic species of the Merodon desuturinus group (Diptera, Syrphidae).” ZooKeys 771 (2018): 105.


Radenković, Snežana, Nevena Veličković, Axel Ssymank, Dragana Obreht Vidaković, Mihajla Djan, Gunilla Ståhls, Sanja Veselić, and Ante Vujić. “Close relatives of Mediterranean endemo-relict hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae) in South Africa: morphological and molecular evidence in the Merodon melanocerus subgroup.” PloS one 13, no. 7 (2018): e0200805.


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